Why Mutton?


You found us and we’re so glad you did. The Mutton Club is an online community of fun and feisty women in midlife and beyond. We aim to inspire and stimulate. We want to make you laugh, question, be moved and empowered.

What’s in a name?

The Mutton ClubIn the UK there’s an expression ‘mutton dressed as lamb‘.  Apparently there’s something similar in the US, ‘sheep masquerading as lamb’. It’s a mean way of labeling an older woman who tries hard to look younger. It’s one of many ways women over 40 can be pigeon-holed and often then dismissed. How many positive words in English are there to describe a woman over 40? Cougar doesn’t exactly flatter. How about old maid?!

The Mutton Club turns those negative perceptions around, letting women claim the word mutton like the gay community claimed the word queer. Gaining entry to the Mutton Club is something to aspire to, not be afraid of!

Did you know mutton meat is actually far tastier than lamb exactly because it’s more mature? We know the same logic can be applied to women ;). Muttoneers are proud, embrace their inner beauty and use their experience and wisdom to do good in the world. The Mutton Club is a place to gather, be proud, beautiful, funky and outspoken.


Why the Mutton Club?

rachel lankesterThe Mutton Club was founded by Rachel Lankester (that’s me over left). After an early menopause at 41, my approach to life really changed.  My priorities shifted and I craved more purpose.  I didn’t want to carry on doing what I’d always done. I looked around on the internet for resources and community, but found only pockets here and there. Nowhere I could hang out, find stuff I wanted to read and also be inspired to try new things. Mumsnet didn’t suit and Gransnet – certainly not yet!

And anyway, we women define ourselves in so many ways other than just mums or grandmothers. Many of us aren’t parents or don’t want content mainly packaged for parents. We come with different sexual orientations, gender identities and cultural backgrounds.

I wanted to create a different on-line community for all women that celebrates diversity but allows us to share what we have in common. A place to explore ideas, learn new things, have a giggle, talk openly about stuff like menopause, find relevance and purpose, be visible and have a big voice. And so the Mutton Club was born. I was effectively scratching my own itch!

Find out about all our great resources at Start Here. You can hear straight from the sheep’s mouth what the Mutton Club is all about and why I set it up, in my interview on Radio Gorgeous. And why not join our private Facebook group where all the cool gals hang out – just head on over to the Flock.

Free Natural Menopause Relief Checklist

Giving back

We have big dreams at the Mutton Club. We’re building a community that challenges the status quo and enables a powerful collective voice. We promote women’s causes and campaign against issues like FGM and child marriage. We want to facilitate volunteering and mentoring, and provide financial and moral support to charities and organisations that support the rights of women and girls worldwide.

If you like our content and our aims, please comment on our posts and share with your own network. Tell us what you’d like to see in the Club. Write for us. Spread the word that it’s cool to be mutton. Together we might really change the world.


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