The Mutton Club Live – 16 Sept 2017

the mutton club live

Join us for a fabulous day at Mutton Club Live 2017

We’re very excited over at Mutton Club HQ! We’re hosting Mutton Club Live 2017.

Join us for another fabulous fun-packed day of Mutton Club midlife magnificence and hanging out with marvelous Muttoneers in funky Soho.  We’ll be challenging the status quo, shaking things up and having a giggle in our unique Mutton Club way.

And here are the details…..

09.45-17:30 Saturday 16th September

At 01 Zero One, Hopkins Street, London, W1F 0HS. Sorry all you non Londoners – we’ll be global in person one day.

We want you to feel magnificent, be magnificent, look magnificent and stay magnificent!

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What people said about last year’s event.

“Fiona Ingham (colour analysis) was just fab – so enjoyed this presentation/talk!” Han 

“Bring on the next one!” Julie

“Inspired this morning to do a 4K run, noticing all the parkour opportunities on the way (and thinking I can’t do that!). Great day thank you Rachel and proud to be an inaugural Magnificence meeting Muttoneer.” Liz

“Woop woop! What a great day! Thank you all so much, what amazing collective energy we created. And what a difference the right lipstick makes! Mwah!” Beccy

This year’s great sessions

How To Look Great On Camera – Anna Saverimuttu 

In this fun session you’ll learn how to look fabulous in photos from a professional photographer who specialises in boudoir photography. We’ll be talking about women and self-esteem, why so many women hate being photographed (especially as we age) and how to embrace the camera and relax. There will be plenty of demonstrations and opportunity to practice.

Making Marvelous Midlife Change – Monica Castenetto

Midlife is a classic and natural change point in the big picture of our life – and not just because of the menopause. Yet most of us feel at least a degree of unease about the idea of change, and we might ignore the need for it or put it off indefinitely, preferring to stay with a life we know, even though it doesn’t suit us or we don’t like it anymore. In this interactive session you’ll have a chance to take an honest and humorous look at the telltale signs in your life. You’ll reflect on what your signs for change might be telling you, and which change(s) you might want to consider making. And we’ll share strategies and practical tips to help you approach them marvelously and with ease. So you can live a (mid) life that’s joyous, purposeful and right for who you are today!

Looking Your Best – Making The Most Of Colour, Styling And Accessories – Fiona Ingham

In this practical session you’ll learn all about the fascinating process of colour analysis showing you the best colours and makeup to wear to suit your own colouring. Which season are you? A volunteer will be chosen for initial colour analysis! You’ll also learn how to make the most of certain clothing styles and accessories to reinvigorate your personal look.

Refining Middle Age – Taking Charge Of The Changes And Embracing The Opportunities – Alana Kirk

We’ll be looking at the 3 main reasons why this generation of women are redefining middle age and how important it is at this time of life to take stock. Then, with marker pens, gusto and attitude, everyone will work through goals, challenges and aspirations on several key aspects of our lives – ageing, body image, sex, menopause, physical health, mental wealth and adventures – until we all have the makings of our own Midlife Manual.

How To Have A Confident Brain! – Deborah Golend

You’ll have the chance to explore how to up your personal confidence levels. We’ll discuss why confidence can be an issue for women, particularly in midlife, and how hormones affect our confidence. You’ll learn some practical techniques to use in any scenario to deal with negative emotions, stay in the present and give you that all important extra confidence boost.

Pepping Up Your Sex Life – Renée Denyer

A fun and gentle exploration of the wealth of ways in which we can add some excitement to our sex lives and revitalise libido – whether coupled up or solo. We’ll be taking a look at some fabulous sex toys, dabbling in fantasy and learning about role play.

And more…..

There’ll also be time to just hang out with like-minded women.

Early bird tickets are £20 and are priced just to cover our costs. Get in early!

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Our fabulous speakers

Monica Castenetto is a coach and consultant helping women around midlife make successful changes in their life (whether tweaks or full-blown transformations) with ease and purpose, so they live a life they love. On her own, not-straight-forward path into Life Change Coaching and Consulting she has been a biochemist, an international change management consultant, a business writer, a nature photographer, and a dancer and choreographer. She’s been featured as an expert in national magazines and is the author of “What’s Your Excuse for Not Living a Life You Love?” and “How to Know What You Want – 10 Ways in 10 Days”.


Anna Saverimuttu is a photographer who helps women of all ages step in front of the camera with confidence. After 7 years working in the City, she went back to college and retrained and in 1997 launched her business as a corporate portrait and PR photographer. Hearing so many women say they disliked being photographed provided the catalyst for a new offering when she reached her 50s – a luxury hair, makeup and photography experience to prove that looking amazing in photos is not the prerogative of supermodels and celebrities. Her mission is to prove to all women, regardless of their age or dress size, how beautiful they are.


fiona-inghamFiona Ingham has been a House of Colour Star Consultant since 1991, helping people identify which colours and styles of clothing flatter their individuality. Fiona’s sessions are informative, enjoyable and fun. Her philosophy is – whatever your gender, colouring, age, shape or budget, finding your personal colour and style, and developing your personal brand, will save money and time, and make you look and feel great.


Deborah Golend is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and set up MeUnlimited to provide women with the tools to unleash their true potential by empowering Me.  She is also a Clinical Associate to several specialist trauma and rehabilitation services, and provides training in psychological skills to various professional groups. She is immersed in her own mindfulness practice, is a fully trained EMDR clinician, and an Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.


Alana Kirk is an author and journalist, living and writing about the highs, lows and flushes of middle age.  She has traveled the world, working for charities and writing their stories. Her first non-fiction book, the bestselling Daughter, Mother, Me: a memoir of love, loss and dirty dishes was released in paperback as The Sandwich Years. She still works for the non-profit sector as well as being a writer and raising her three girls.  She is working on her second book.  Her latest blog Grin&Tonic explores how this generation of women are redefining middle age.


 renee1Renée Denyer is the award winning Store Manager (Best Store Manager ETO Awards 2014 & 2015) at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium. She has her fingers in many pies and spends her days talking about G-spots, P-spots and any other spots you may have found in your nether regions. When she is not selling sex toys to the women & couples of London, she can be found at home with a thrilling book and a glass of pink wine, surrounded by her beloved bunnies (of the furry variety). She writes a regular column for Erotic Trade Only magazine and dreams of penning a bestselling sex guide one day.


rachel lankester

Rachel Lankester is the founder and editor of the Mutton Club. She’s had a long career in communications which she still dabbles in to keep the Mutton Club going. She’ll be running around like a blue-arsed fly on the day and trying to chat to as many wonderful Muttoneers as possible!



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